Book Review and Recommendation Introduction

Who is this person sharing books with you? (You can skip this part and go right to the books!)

Crazy Book Lady here,and I have this unusual church.   It is not a denomination.  It has no pews, no organ or praise band.  It meets at all hours of the day.  I can drink coffee without fear of spilling.  And I only realized lately that it is my church.  Don’t misunderstand, I do attend a church of a denomination that meets on Sunday morning, that has a choir, drinks coffee in Sunday School, has VBS in the summer, and celebrates communion once a month.  This unusual church is my extended body of Christ and as close to me and as important to me as the one that gathers on a Sunday.  It is my library of books.  God has blessed me with an appetite to read, the time to read, and a husband that is patient with the Amazon bill that brings me the members of this church.

Each month, I’d like to introduce you to some of the members who sit on my shelves (or beside my chair or next to the bed or in the car) Yes, I can read in a traffic jam or waiting at the doctor’s office.  Not all the members of this church are followers of Jesus but God speaks through them and I listen.


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