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Summer selections

Have you given up watching TV, walking the dog, wondering what to do with the kids (or your spouse)?  Well, how about some good reading?

Friends for the Journey by Madeline L’Engle and Luci Shaw is about friendship – their friendship and what friendship really is.  These two women had journeyed together for a long time, held together by their love for God and writing.  L’Engle has since passed away but Luci is in her nineties.  They both experienced the loss of their husbands and the questions of faith. This is a great read to share with friends and reflect together on God in the midst of your friendship.

God in the Dark: Through Grief and Beyond is another wonderful book by Luci Shaw written about her journey through her husband’s illness and death.  This is not an “easy fix” kind of book.  She deals with the reality of death and grieving in a clear and profound way. I would invite you to explore on Amazon her books of poetry as well.  There is always depth and beauty in what she writes.

You may be acquainted with Madeline L’Engle’s children’s books . . . A Wrinkle in Time . . . Swiftly Tilting Planet and others.  Always good reads and re-reads.  I would encourage you to read the Crosswicks Journal that are written for adults and will give you insight into her and to her writing:  A Circle of Quiet, The Summer of the Great-Grandmother, The Irrational Season, and Two-Part Invention. You will find in them a woman of faith, a wife of commitment and grace, and a woman who knows family.

Now, out of fiction and into study:  Living beyond the Sanctuary.  Glenn McDonald has written before about discipleship in Disciple Making Church.  Here is a challenge to all of us as disciples who are called to make disciples.  Living beyond the Sanctuary is an invitation to become lifelong learners of Jesus, not just casual observers sitting along the sidelines of life.  The Christian life is outside the box, outside the church building.  Go disciples, and make disciples!

And last, Walking in the dust of the Rabbi by Lois Tverberg.  Through Lois you will hear about the world of Jesus and what you hear will open your eyes and mind to truths you may have missed because we read Jesus in American culture.  It is as if you are eavesdropping on Jesus.  Come listen!




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