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Meet the Team


Welcome friend! God is certainly full of surprises and I am deeply humbled that He has placed this life in His service.  Mine is a life profoundly changed by the love and faithfulness of our great God and I lift His name high!   My daily focus and continuing challenge is to keep my eyes focused on God’s guidance and not my own desired plans.  I’m happy and sad, stubborn and willing, brave and fearful and above of all, thankful for the immeasurable blessings in my life.   If I can encourage you to smile and feel included; if I can help carry your burden and lighten your load; it is truly my pleasure to do so.


Welcome, my friends! It is exciting and humbling to step out in faith knowing in our imperfection we have been called to be God’s hands and feet in this moment. Like you, I have journeyed in joy and through pain. I have stumbled many times; thankful for the safety net of God’s love-love so deep that God can turn any tragedy into Glory if we will just step out of the way. We hope that by sharing some of our experiences and those of others that we can encourage you forward on the path that God has set for you.

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