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What do we do with a hardened heart?

Exodus 7-11 describes the story of Pharaoh and the release of the Israelites. It took 10 disasters before God’s purpose was accomplished. Before and after each disaster, “God hardened Pharaoh in his stubbornness. He wouldn’t listen, just as God had said to Moses” Exodus 9:12. He hardened Pharaoh’s heart. Why did He do this?

If Pharaoh was the only character in the story, maybe God would not have hardened his heart 10 times. But this story has many people, many factions, and many leaders involved. God’s plan was touching so many facets of so many peoples’ lives in ways we can’t fathom. What we need to remember is that His ways are not our ways.

So how does this story of Pharaoh and Moses and the Israelites relate to us?

This is how. God has a plan that we do not see. We want to control, lead and talk our pharaohs out of their stubbornness. But we can’t. It is not want is going to bring God’s plan to fruition. That is not God’s plan for them and all the other people affected by their actions.

All we can do is speak in truth in love. And when the truth is not heeded after multiple attempts, our job is to get out of Jesus’ way and allow God’s plan to come to fruition. We can’t manage it; we can’t make them understand; we can’t manipulate them; we can only get out of the way.

God must deal with them. Our job is to stand firm in love and truth. We don’t know what God’s “really” doing. We only know that we can’t control it. And we must let God control it.

So take heart when you are watching your pharaohs. Pray for them. They are part of God’s plan. We can count on God always being good.

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