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Reviews & Recommendations – January

January runs fast to an end and what have you read? I have read lots but nothing to share at the moment.  That is what happens when Christmas runs to January and January blows through your birthday!

I have read Louise Penny’s last book “Glass House”.  Her detective books carry you through a small village in Canada called Three Pines.  Book to book, the characters are developed, the meaning of integrity, art, relationships, and more are explored; all while wrapped around a mystery.  Not distinctly Christian but with all things that are truthful the books echo God’s voice from time to time.  Find a listing that gives you the books in order and read from the beginning.  Don’t stop if you don’t like a particular one–just keep reading.  There is treasure in them.

Beyond a mystery, I began to think you might want a challenge for the year. That challenge might be to read about a variety of Christian women.  Not to necessarily read their writings but to read about their lives in order to see the legacy they leave with us.

The first woman I would offer is Amy Carmichael. As a young child Amy prayed that God would change her brown eyes to blue.  She didn’t like her brown eyes!  God did not answer that prayer but instead called her to be a missionary to India where brown eyes were preferable.  She was a pioneer in her work as she dressed as the Indian women did.  She was not like other missionaries of her time that kept themselves separate from those they came to serve.

Here are some suggested books on Amy Carmichael:

A Chance to Die by Elisabeth Elliot

Amy Carmichael Abandoned to God by Sam Wellman

With Daring Faith  by Rebecca Davis.

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