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Reviews & Recommendations for Advent

Many years ago, I had the privilege of hearing Richard Wurmbrand speak. (He was part of the beginning of the Voice of the Martys publication and web site)  Richard had been held in a concentration camp in Romania.  He said this about his time there, “Here in the United States, you have the words about the words about the words, there we had the Word.”

How many of us have the Word–living and dwelling in us?  Too often we depend on the preacher, the speaker, or the writer to have the words for us.  Scripture says “Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you”  Colossians 3:16.

In this season of Advent, take a portion of scripture that God has laid on your mind and heart and ponder it as Mary pondered the words she heard (Luke 2:19). Reflect on it, chew on it (the word meditate means to chew the cud), and let it take root in your living.

To help you with reading the Word:

For those of you who love geography and are tired of reading place names that have no meaning for you, this is the book for you. With the Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Time Lines, not only will you be able to see where things were then but also where things are now.  For instance, did you know that “Antioch” where believers  were first called Christians is in modern day Turkey?

The Blue Letter Bible–this is an app that can be used with android and Apple. You will find commentaries, definitions, and much more.  Explore it and see if it helps you find your way through the Word.

If you want to go deeper into one particular book of the bible, then try  the Holman New Testament/Old Testament Commentary.   Not only will you be able to read one person’s insight into the text but you will also find definitions, teaching outlines, and issues for discussion.

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