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Hello Friends –

At the beginning of each week during his presidency, President Gerald Ford would arrive at his office and a devotional sent with encouragement and love was waiting for him. His friend knew how important his job was and he also knew he needed to keep his eyes on God through each moment. The heading was always the same “God’s Got a Better Idea”. It began with scripture and ended with a prayer.

We all need a friend like that and we all need to be that friend. Not all of us can write devotionals in the formal sense but we can be the source of encouragement, love and support for those that God has placed in our paths.

Each week we will ask a question. You are encouraged to keep a journal of what God shares with you concerning the question and of course anything else. Journaling is a tool to help you “remember” what God has done for you, the Grace He has extended to you and others and the wisdom you have gained.

May this devotional bring encouragement, love and support to you as you discern God’s Will and Way for you this week.

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